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      Rosition Doors and windows exhibition

      Doors and windows exhibition

      Scope of exhibition:

      System doors and windows and aluminum profiles: aluminum alloy doors and windows, energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, sun room, smart doors and windows, anti-theft screens, protective doors and windows, colored doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, aluminum profiles, plastic steel profiles, etc.

      Smart doors and windows: automatic doors, garage doors, flat doors, induction doors, roll doors, revolving doors, mobile doors, remote control doors, industrial doors, glass doors, revolving automatic doors, flat open automatic doors, arc automatic doors, electric telescopic doors, access control systems, etc.

      Indoor and outdoor doors: anti-pry security doors, anti-theft doors, fire doors, insulation doors, fire curtain doors, copper doors, courtyard doors, European art doors and fences, all kinds of solid wooden doors, suit doors, art glass doors, blind doors, mosaic glass doors, etc.

      Smart sun blinds and guardrails: sun blinds,blinds, sky-curtain sun shade systems, manual, electric opening and closing curtains, vertical curtains, sun shade cloths, electric motors series, electric track series and accessory windows oblique roof windows, door and window covers, guardrails, iron, balcony guardrail sills, Indoor and outdoor various uses of stainless steel decorative products, aluminum alloy products, copper accessories, steel and iron products, etc.

      Curtain wall and glue: glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, curtain wall sheet, sun panel, aluminum sheet, aluminum sheet, aluminum ceiling, color coating board, all kinds of structural glue, sealant, weatherproof glue, glass glue, nail-free glue, foam filler, cloud stone glue, sealing cream, etc.

      Glass: architectural glass, thermal reflection glass, low-radiation glass, dimming glass, safety glass, hollow glass, float glass, coated glass, flat glass,LOW-E glass, U-glass, three-dimensional glass and glass machinery, etc.

      Building decoration doors and windows hardware and accessories: building hardware, decorative hardware, all kinds of automatic doors, gated hardware systems and accessories, access control electronic system, fingerprint lock, hardware accessories, doors and windows professional accessories and doors and windows curtain wall, glass industry production, processing technology equipment and installation machinery, wooden door complete sets of production and processing equipment, door industry auxiliary materials.

      Past exhibitors