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      Rosition Customized Home exhibition

      Customized Home exhibition

      Scope of exhibits

      Custom home: whole home, custom home, overall wardrobe, overall cabinet, overall kitchen, overall wooden door, staircase, bedroom system, living room / dining room system, into the wall cabinet, wall cabinet, bathroom combing combination cabinet and so on.

      Supporting materials: sliding doors, wall cabinet doors, folding doors, door transfer, closet transfer door, cut-off door, combination cloakroom, flat door, sliding door, door-cutting glass, hardware accessories, sheet, paint, carpentry machinery and other supporting accessories.

      Woodworking machinery: custom furniture production lines, board furniture production lines, solid wood furniture production lines, wood gate production lines, cabinet production lines, UV roll-on production lines, CNC opener, hetero-grinder, positive and negative cladding machine, drying dust removal machinery, sawcutting machinery, drilling machinery, milling machinery, CNC woodworking engraving machine, woodworking milling machine, Sealing machinery, sanding machinery, plate machinery, coating machinery, auxiliary machinery, environmental protection purification equipment, door-cutting production equipment, software, other woodworking machinery, etc.

      Glass machinery: glass technology, machinery, equipment, tools, accessories and materials processing, cutting, grinding, grinding edge, drilling, engraving, sand blasting, scrubbing, sanding, coating, cleaning, screen printing, tempering and thermal bending, mosaic, UV technology, adhesives, packaging and storage of glass products, etc.

      Carpentry kit: carpentry tools, diamond tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, manual tools, carpentry saw blades, carpentry drills, carbide round saw blades, electrical instruments, power equipment, abrasives, etc.

      Past exhibitors

      Customized Home exhibition(圖1)